Welcome to this Website. If you're an avid reader of fiction, particularly in the thriller and action/adventure genres, you should feel right at home. This site showcases the books and stories I've written and published. While my personal preference is the techno-political-military spy thriller such as the books in the Sleeping Dogs series, I’ve published works of fiction in other genres. For instance, my short story He Who Drinks From Lethe... is a gothic horror tale in a modern setting. Also, my novel The Quixotics is an action tale about members of the Baby Boomer generation coming of age in the early 1970s.

Cruise around this site. You'll learn more about my background and discover samples of my writing efforts. There also are FAQs, news updates about my activities as a writer, and a list of appearances I'll be making in order to promote the books. And, if you'd like, the Connect page will provide opportunities to communicate with me. Enjoy!


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