John Wayne Falbey—yes, that’s my real name, and no, my parents weren’t necessarily big fans of the Duke. I write techno-political-military spy thrillers and adventure novels. My debut novel, Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening, has been endorsed by Compulsory Reads, reached #1 on Amazon as a political thriller (Brad Taylor’s book was #3). Follow-up books in the Sleeping Dogs series include Endangered Species, The Year of the Dog, and Dogs of War. I’m also the author of The Quixotics, a tale of gunrunning, guerrilla warfare, and treachery in the Caribbean. A native Floridian and former transactional attorney, when I’m not writing, I’m a real estate investor and developer in Southwest Florida. I invite you to visit me at

The writers currently at the top of my reading list include Brad Thor, Lee Child, Brad Taylor, Daniel Silva, Ben Coes, Alex Berenson, and David Baldacci, among others. My novel, Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening, is the first in a series about the deadly black ops group known as the Sleeping Dogs. Book Two in the series, Endangered Species, was published on St. Patrick’s Day, 2015.  The third book, The Year Of The Dog, was published on Election day, November 8, 2016. The latest book in the series, Dogs of War, was published on July 4, 2017.

In addition to the Juris Doctor degree, I earned Master and Doctoral degrees in business management. I’m a frequent lecturer, panelist, and moderator for professional symposiums in the real estate development industry, and a Managing Director of the Falbey Institute for the Development of Real Estate, as well as a Managing Director of Capital Four Advisors. In my leisure time, I’m a competitive cyclist and triathlete. 

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