For The Record: Part 2

That noise you hear that sounds like a great gust of wind actually is me sighing in relief. I've published the edited and revised versions of Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening. This is a shorter, tighter, crisper version, and less pedantic politically. My editor advised that even leftwing loonies will read the book as long as you don't try to pound your political philosophy down their throats. I also changed the cover, as shown on the right. While the original cover was arresting, with those angry blue eyes, I suspect some prospective readers may have thought the book was about dogs, wolves, or werewolves. The new cover fits the plot better: an attempt to assassinate the president on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

The print version of the new edition now is available from and Barnes & Noble via Ingram., as well as the printer, I made some changes in the distribution of the eBook this time around. I enrolled it in's KDP Select. One of their requirements is that the eBook can't be available at any other site. So, I "unpublished" it at B&N, Smashwords, and iBooks. I did this because Select allows you to offer the book free as a promotional device as well as offer it  over a period of days with a gradual escalation in price, also a promotional device. FYI: The freebie days are March 14 and 15.

As you can see, I'm now in the promotional/marketing phase with the book. I've arranged with several online services and blogs that cater to the Kindle community to plug those free days. There still are a number of promotional and marketing ploys ahead. One of them, hopefully, will be a signing at the Paradis book store in the airport. It was approved by the company some time ago, but then I decided to edit and revise. I'm in the process of seeing whether that offer still stands.

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