Latest Developments from the Field

The three newest developments in the life of this writer are:

1. A video of me reading an excerpt from Dogs of War is available on YouTube at I purposely selected Chapter 14 from the book because it features dialogue involving 8 of the principal characters in the series. I created it in PowerPoint for Mac, added audio to the pptx file, then converted it to an MP4 file. From there, it was easy to upload it to my YouTube channel. Links appear on my FaceBook timeline and in a few locations on this website. I also posted it in my next Newsletter.

2. An audiobook version of the first book in the series, Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening, is in production. It’s scheduled for completion in mid-September. The voiceover artist/producer has a great baritone and nails the various accents and speech characteristics of the characters. His pacing also is excellent.

3. I’ve caught the eye of a literary agent following last month’s ThrillerFest in New York City. At her request, I’ve edited the total manuscript from 111,500 words to 107,500. She would like it to be beneath the 100,000 mark, but that would impair the storyline. I did the research and put together the table that follows below. My argument is that the top sellers in this genre average 146,000 words per book, and publishers are only too eager to publish them. The agent said she’ll read it and decide whether it qualifies as an exception to the 100,000 word cap. The good news in all of this is that she’s agreed to read it. From there, who knows where it may go.

AUTHOR              BOOK                                 PAGES            TOTAL WORDS*

Daniel                 Silva House of Spies       544                   176,936

Lee Child              Night School                     496                    161,324

Ben Coes             Trap the Devil                   496                    161,324

Brad Taylor          Ring of Fire                       448                     145,712

Alex Berenson    The Prisoner                     432                    140,508

David Baldacci    End Game                        416                    135,304

Vince Flynn          Enemy of the State        400                    130,100

Brad Thor             Use of Force                    368                    119,692

                           AVERAGE                        450                    146,363

J W Falbey          The Dogs of War            329                  107,867**

*Using 325 words per page, which is the average number of wpp in Dogs of War

**104,876 words exclusive of title page, TofC, Cast of Characters, description of previous books, and preview of next book. With those sections, the word total is 107,867.

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