The Dogs Are Back!

It’s been too long since my last post. The reason, however, is a positive one—I’ve been working feverishly on the latest book in the Sleeping Dogs series of political/espionage thrillers. The wait is over. Dogs of War is available on preorder pending its release date of July 4th. Independence Day seems like a good date for publication of the fourth book in a series of political thrillers.

The ebook is available on preorder at Amazon, iBooks, Nook, Smashwords, and most online booksellers. The print version already is available from Amazon and its POD subsidiary, CreateSpace, as well as Barnes&Noble and other fine booksellers.

So, what’s Dogs of War about? With the help of the drug cartels and gangs like MS-13, thousands of murderous Islamic terrorists have infiltrated America through its porous southern border. They’ve spread out across the country, stockpiling weapons and explosives and identifying strategic targets as well as soft ones. Worse yet, they’ve got nukes. The U.S. government is helplessly hidebound by political correctness, agency turf wars, over-regulation, partisan politics, and gross inefficiency. 

Once again, Cliff levell and the shadow government known as the Society of Adam Smith must step into the breach. In a race against time to stop the detonation of the nukes on American soil, Levell must turn to Brendan Whelan and the other members of the ruthless hunter-killer team known as the Sleeping Dogs. The Dogs are back in action, this time with a new member, an Australian named Liam Stone. 

In addition to Levell and the individual Dogs, several familiar characters are on the scene: Whelan’s wife Caitlin, and their two sons, Sean and Declan; Maksym, Whelan’s monstrous brother; FBI agent Mitch Christie and his fiancée, Camila Ramirez; the two ex-Spetsnaz mercenaries, Kirill Federov and Andrei Ulyanin; the tyrannical Alliance for Global Unity and its leader, Harland Fairchilde, IV; Zheng Bao Xun, the scheming finance minister for the People’s Republic of China; the chief Islamic terrorist Nadir Shah, leader of the Holy Army of the Caliphate (HAC); and others. Newcomers include Bazir Haqqani the leader in America of the forces of HAC; Haqqani’s teenaged disciple Turan Salam; Carolina Avila, the all-American girl next door…to terrorists.

I’ll be focused principally on marketing efforts for Dogs of War until its release on July 4th, but I already have the storyline in mind for the next book in the series—Bad Dogs, Dead Dogs. In the meantime, please read Dogs of War and let me know what you think of it. Also, your reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and iBooks are greatly appreciated.

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