Internet Resources

The following links provide access to resources on the Internet, such as blogs, information on freelance editors, literary agents, self-publishing, and other sites that may be of interest to indie writers. Like my mind, they aren't in any particular order.

Books and Such Literary Agency. These folks deal primarily with books that have a Christian message (not my genre), but their blogs on the industry in general are of value to all aspiring writers.

The Creative Penn. Joanna Penn, a Brit, is a prolific writer and blogger. The archives of her blogs is packed with information on publishing and marketing your book.

Independent Editors Group. These folks all have impressive pedigrees in the publishing business as editors. Now, they work as freelance or independent editors. As much as we want to believe that we can get by with our own editing and a little help from our friends, it just doesn't work that way. If you want to have any hope of ever attracting a literary agent or acquisition editor at a publishing house, you need professional editorial help!

Looking for an agent? You need to focus on those who work in your genre. Approaching (or querying, as it's called in the industry) an agent that specializes in YA while your novel is sci fi is a waste of everyone's time (unless it's a YA sci fi novel???). There are sites that will assist in that regard. Agentquery is one of them, Querytracker is another.

Alexis Grant's blog and newsletter are informative sources. I also follow Rachelle Gardner's blogs.

The WriteLife provides a steady stream of good information for writers.

There are other sites that I will add in the future.

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