September 10, 2013

So where the heck have I been since July 18? It's true I've been busy with some interesting and complicated real estate deals. Plus, my youngest son, Ryan, had brain surgery (he seems to be recovering nicely) and that trumped everything. Then there was there was the annual Tour of Sebring, one of my favorite multi-day bicycle events. But the real problem was my screwing up the posting procedure. There were posts since July 12, but they never made it to the website. Mea Culpa.

In the meantime, I received some of the edited manuscript from Caitlin Alexander - chapters 1 through 8. She's working on the balance, but I think getting just a few chapters at first was a good event. There is so much to review, think about, and act on; plus, some of it I haven't figured out yet. I've waded through one chapter so far. It's a mass of deletions, changes, suggestions and…lessons. It's interesting to see what an experienced editor likes and doesn't like in another writer's efforts. There clearly are some changes or suggestions I don't agree with. It could be that it's Caitlin's female perspective versus my hard-ass male view of life. I hope to get through the remaining seven chapters today and tomorrow. Depends on the real estate deals, Ryan's situation, prepping for a ULI class I'm co-teaching with my business partner, and all of life's other vicissitudes including a writing class that's scheduled to start tonight. Yes, published writers should continue to study and polish their craft.

Good thing I don't have an ego tied up in my writing. I think I'm a good wordsmith and have a creative mind and can hold my own with the thriller writers who dominate sales today. But when a professional, experienced editor takes the red pencil to it, it does open your eyes. I can't help wondering if all of the best-selling thriller writers go through the same thing. Or does their volume of sales and popularity among readers intimidate editors? Supposedly, Lee Child - one of my favorite thriller writers, does a single draft. Hmmm?

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