The Joy of Rewriting - October 18, 2013

I just completed the second full run through of Caitlin's edits. Along the way I made pages of notes plus margin comments. While I rewrote the manuscript several times before Caitlin's edits, I realize I'm facing the most substantial rewriting of the document since the first draft. It'll be a tighter, faster paced thriller, but the question I can't answer is: how much time will this require? There are so many things on my plate right now that I'm itching to get to, but will have to take a back seat to the rewrite.

In order to broaden the market, I want to explore creating an audio book of the novel. And look into having it translated into other languages such as German and Spanish. Then there's the whole social media thing. I'm using Twitter and FaceBook, but not as effectively as I'd like. And not to be overlooked, there are two more books to be written in this trilogy. Plus, The Quixotics needs a solid edit/rewrite effort. And somewhere along the line, when I'm satisfied with The Awakening, I want to approach literary agents. But that should be preceded by research to determine which agents specialize in the techno-political thriller genre.

Oh yeah, then there's all the work the Falbey Institute for Real Estate Development website needs along with the products offered there (via Amazon).

And last, but certainly not least, there's the real source of income, the "Day Job". My business partner and I have more than a half dozen real estate deals we're working full bore. They're all major transactions and each is as important as the others. It's kind of like the Chinese juggler with 6 or 7 plates spinning simultaneously on top of those skinny sticks.

I think this is what the American economy has become in the past decade. People are involved in any number of endeavors trying to gross up their incomes. I don't see that changing anytime soon.

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