Rogue's Gallery

Annie and me on the deck at the Distillery, Moss Beach, CA...research for FBI Special Agent Christie’s discussion with Dr. Nishioki

The Distillery1.jpg

Hangin’ out in Hana...research for Whelan’s visit with Nick Stensen


The "Big Kahuna" at Akaka Falls on the Big Island...more research for Whelan's visit with Nick Stensen


Ireland...researching background for...Brendan...whatshisname


Crater Lake...not all research locations are boring

Crater Lake1_2.jpg

Checkin’ out Catalina...background for a future book in the Sleeping Dogs trilogy


Helicoptering over the Grand Canyon...researching locations in the Southwest for a future Sleeping Dogs venture


Lookin’ for Clint at his place in a lot of sun that day doing research for Dr. Nishoshi’s character


Making friends at the Shy Wolf Preserve...the one in the blue jacket is an Irish wolf


Near our ski getaway spot in Beaver Creek...the whole car is made out of Legos. No kidding! No particular research, just wowed by all those Legos...and the beautiful blond (Annie)


Dr. Falbey, as Professor of Real Estate Development and Program Chair. I was researching Generation Y. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

HSBE Shot.jpg

Start of the 2006 75-mile Breakaway to the Keys bike ride with my pal Wally Klein…it was a long, hot ride...worst performance of any of my 9 Breakaway rides


End of the 2007 75-miler the following, it didn’t take me a year to complete it...set a personal best for the Keys 75-mile rides - just over 21 mph average. 75 miles in just under 3 and 1/2 hours. Not Tour de France metrics, but I'll take 'em.

Alabama April 2007-25.jpg

The 2010 Breakaway to the Keys...check out the car almost on top of my rear wheel.


Soaking up the power at one of the vortexes in Sedona...research, of course.

IMG 0050

Some neighbors who dropped by at Halloween to discuss my modern Gothic horror short story, He Who Drinks From Lethe...

Research trip to Taos in February, 2013. Think it wasn't cold? Check out those sheepherder coats and boots. Used fleece lined gloves too.

Book signing at Barnes & Noble in Naples on March 23, 2013. I was happier and much friendlier than the photo might suggest.

…and here's the proof that I actually sold books at the B&N book signing…a HUGE royalty check for $23.98. I'm torn between paying off the mortgage or buying my sweetheart a new 'Vette. But seriously, I'm grateful for every penny earned in the literary business, and hope there are many, many more to come.

April 2, 2016

Atop Goodland Bridge in Marco Island. Another hard Saturday morning ride with my cycling homies.


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